Gold Bar Pricing Guide

Gold has been the most precious metal of all times. 6000 years of human history indicate that gold is undoubtedly the best form of investment. Therefore investing in gold is a very wise decision. You can invest in gold in many forms such as jewelry, bullion bars and coins.

Jewelry and coins are good for small investments but for major investments one should always go for bullion gold bars. Gold bars are of two types, casted and minted. Cast gold bars have irregular shape and size as they are manufactured by pouring molten gold in molds. Minted gold bars are produced from molded gold bars. These come in proper shapes and there is no doubt about their purity.

The purity of these bars is expressed in parts per hundred and therefore a 99% gold bar means it contains 99% gold and 1% impurity. Coming to the Australian context there are basically four companies ABC bullion, PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint and Ainslie Bullion that manufacture bullion gold bars. These gold bars are available in various forms based on the weight. The gold bars available in Australia may weigh from 1oz to 1kg. The gold bar price depends upon the weight of the bar, purity of gold, cost of manufacturing the bar and carat rating. The gold bar price in Australia may go up to AUD $ 50,000 for a 1 kg gold bar.

Why should we buy gold bars?
As stated earlier gold is the best form of investment and its value never depreciates. Even during the worst circumstances, it will definitely bring you more security than any other investment. Storage of gold bars is also very easy and you can use your bank lockers for this purpose. Unlike currencies the gold bar price is similar all over the world and therefore people are showing a great interest in buying gold bars.